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Best Quality Products

Our certified organic store supplies organic, natural, and wholefood products with more than 1000 health food products in our range…

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About Us

We carefully evaluate products, and if they don’t measure up, we don’t sell them. Many of them are certified or rated so that you can...

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I am 66 years old and have always had good head of hair but over the past 12 months have been noticing my hairline receding in the temple area. It started last summer when I noticed my scalp was itchy, which I put down to sunburn.  After continued itchiness in the winter months, more of my temple was exposed from hair loss and I became concerned about what was happening.

Then 4 months ago, I started using Nativa hair shampoo and tonic, applying the shampoo to my head once a day and the tonic to the central part of my scalp and head, morning and night.

Following this practice I Immediately noticed that my scalp was in much better condition with the dryness and itch completely gone away. This improvement has continued over the summer to date.

I have found that using the tonic each morning keeps my hair in good shape during the day without the need for continual combing, brushing or artificial gels. In addition, the body and lustre of my hair now presents a much fuller and tidier appearance.  With the itch gone away, so has the hair loss, and I am very happy about that.

Based on the fact that my hair looks excellent and my scalp feels great, I can thoroughly recommend native hair shampoo and tonic toanyone who is conscious about the health of their scalp & hair and their general overallappearance.


Bill O’Meara

"I have been using Nativa shampoo and tonic since March 2016, a set in every two months. Upon the first few usage of the shampoo and tonic, my hair appear to be shinier and healthier, this result is great as I do not actually need to use any after shampoo conditioner anymore. After eight months of continuous usage, I have went back to my hairdresser after nearly 2 years of stopping my hair growth treatment with them, due being away from home country for the past two years, and my hairdresser noticed the difference of my hair growth where a part on the top of my hair scalp used to have very little hair compared to the rest of the area. My hair scalp has been scanned with a microscopic lens and it shows more baby hair are growing and my scalp also appears to be clean and healthy. As a result of this, I would definitely continue with this wonderful set of shampoo and tonic. And of course, my hairdresser actually suggested me to do the same if it is showing result, especially when I'll be out of reach from their salon again. Eventually, with Nativa set of shampoo and tonic, I feel better for being away from my local salon and hairdresser! Thank you for the great shampoo and tonic again!"


Ying Sim (Ms)

“I’ve been using NATIVA 33 for the last 6 months and have noticed such an incredible difference in natural hair growth, existing hair report and overall scalp health. Before using NATIVA I suffered from dandruff and a receding hairline.  With daily application of the tonic and regular use of the NATIVA 33 shampoo, these issues have all but disappeared and I have noticed not only new hair growth, but my hair has become much more full and thick. The tonic and shampoo are both fantastic to use and it’s great to know that what I’m putting on my head is 100% natural.  I’ll never use other shampoo or hair tonics again and urge anyone with similar hair issues to use NATIVA” 



Marvin Fletcher

Marvin Fletcher

Valerie Anderson

Valerie Anderson

Frederick Dean

Frederick Dean

Executive Pastor
Katherine Ruiz

Katherine Ruiz

Youth Leader

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