NATIVA Hair Management

NATIVA Hair Management is designed for re-growing and maintaining healthy looking hair and improving condition of dry, itchy or scaly scalp. It includes 100% natural shampoo and tonic which are naturally enriched with antioxidant properties, natural wax, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, proteins and keratin which strengthen the structure of the hair and nourish damaged hair cuticles. The shampoo and tonic contribute to the growth of strong and healthy hair bulb.

Originally, NATIVA shampoos and tonics formulations were developed for the personal needs of the inventor to deal with his own hair and scalp conditions. The blends have been improved over the past eighteen years, adjusting them to the various needs of family members and have been highly successful.
NATIVA Hair Management is available in blends as NATIVA 30, NATIVA 33, NATIVA 35, NATIVA 33 Baby & Kids, NATIVA 33 Travel Pack. 

NATIVA 33 Hair Management – is a set of NATIVA 33 Revitalising Shampoo and NATIVA 33 Boosting Tonic. Every product contains a blend of 33 carefully selected 100% natural ingredients that are clinically proven to aid with hair loss caused by stress, environmental dirt, poor diet, damaged by colouring or heat. Each product delivers nourishment and helps restore damaged hair, assists with various scalp conditions. Suitable for all types of hair and scalp. Perfect for men and women. Available as a set and as an individual pack of shampoo and tonic.

NATIVA 30 Hair Management is a combination of NATIVA 30 Revitalising Shampoo and NATIVA 30 Boosting Tonic. Each product is a mild formula made of 100% natural 30 ingredients that are enriched with A, C, D, E, B1, B5, B6, vitamins, amino-acids, copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, linoleic acid, tannin and keratin which contribute to strengthening the structure of the hair from root to tip and aids with various scalp condition. Perfect for elderly people or people on medication. Suitable for men and women. Its mild formula will be perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

NATIVA 33 Baby & Kids Shampoo is a blend of 33 carefully selected 100% natural ingredients without any nasty chemicals. The shampoo has calming effects and might contribute to relaxed deep sleep; safe if inadvertently consumed by a baby during hair wash; due to its antiseptic properties, is an excellent solution for a dry, itchy, scaly scalp (cradle cap); aids growing strong and healthy hair of your baby; suitable for infants, babies and toddlers for everyday use.

NATIVA 33 Baby & Kids shampoo

Shampoo 150 ml / 5.072 fl.oz.e

NATIVA 35 Hair Management is specially developed for oily hair and scalp care as well as dry hair and oily scalp conditions. It contains NATIVA 35 Revitalising Shampoo and NATIVA 35 Boosting Tonic. Each product is made of 100 % natural 35 ingredients without no sulphates. 
NATIVA 35 Hair Management helps to restore damaged hair, takes care of excess oil from hair and scalp, assist in some cases with unusual hair loss, maintain the health of hair and scalp. Suitable for men and women.

NATIVA 33 Travel Pack contains NATIVA 33 Revitalising Shampoo and NATIVA 33 Boosting Tonic conveniently packed to be suited for aeroplane cabin luggage or for short trip.  The products are perfect HAIR AND SCALP detox and assist with damaged hair or unusual hair loss causing by stress, environmental dirt, hair styling products, unprofessional dyeing or any other means.
Perfect for men and women. Suitable for all types of hair and scalp.

NATIVA 33 Travel Pack

Shampoo 50 ml / 1.690 fl.oz.e
Tonic 50 ml / 1.690 fl.oz.e

10% of net profit goes to charity