ecoNativa Joints and Muscle Care range is a 100% natural based Joints and Muscle temporarily pain relief. The range includes Liberex Olei Oil with flip top cap and roll on options and Activa Vita Extra Strength Oil. Each product from the range contains NO added synthetic chemicals, fragrance or dyes, phthalates, petroleum products, alcohol.
Liberex Olei Oil might contribute to a pain relief caused by arthritis, backache, sore muscles, rheumatism, cramps, stiffness, inflammation, bruising.
The products of this range might be a solution for child’ growing pain relief.

Whichever sports activity you do regularly or casually, Activa Vita Extra Strength is a first aid kit recommended to have in your bag. This blend is made for temporary relief from pain caused by strenuous exercise or exertion, sprains and strains, sore muscles, frozen shoulder, lower back, shoulder and neck pain, cramps and stiffness, inflammation, bruising and other sports injuries.
All products from ecoNativa Joint & Muscle Care range are suitable for adult and children from 4 years old.  Suitable for vegans.

Activa Vita Extra Strength absorbable oil contributes to fast relief from Injuries or Muscle Pain caused by strenuous exercise or exertion. Activa Vita Extra Strength is a first aid kit for sports injuries.100% Natural ingredients. Suitable for adult and children over 4 years old.

ecoNativa Liberex Olei is a 100% natural formula that brings fast temporary relief from pain caused by Arthritis, Backache, Sore Muscles, Rheumatism, Cramps, Stiffness, Inflammation. Suitable for adult and children after 4 years old. Available with flip top cap and roll on.

Flip Top Cap

Roll On

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