ecoNATIVA and NATIVA brands are part of a Natural Health Products and Supplements line that belongs to Alfa Medics New Zealand Ltd. The business began in 1988 in Australia, continued in 2004 in the UAE, and established its head office in New Zealand in 2009.

Originally, NATIVA products were invented for the personal needs of the company’s founders and their family members.  The brands’ formulas have been carefully refined over the past 30 years and have proved successful, as shown by our testimonials from numerous happy customers.


  • FOCUS: on the manufacture and distribution of natural health products including nutrition and dietary supplements, body detox and cleansing, hygiene products, healthy hair re-growth and scalp maintenance, muscle and joint pain relief.
  • TARGET: development of unique beneficial formulas using 100% natural ingredients without the need for synthetic chemicals.
  • QUALITY: use the purest and highest therapeutic-grade quality ingredients available.


  • BUILD a reputation as a company producing great products, with numerous happy clients and customer-friendly service.
  • INCREASE awareness of the importance of healthy food and nutrient intake, air, water and healthy lifestyle for the current and future well-being of humanity.
  • PROMOTE the high standards of New Zealand-made products overseas.
  • ASSIST people to understand and adopt environmentally friendly practices.
  • INVEST in creating healthier future generations.


  • SHARE our knowledge of healthier wellbeing with others by donating our time to free educational seminars, articles, correspondence and personal conversations.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY in all our dealings so that our business ethics can inspire others we deal with.
  • PROVIDE many people with business and job opportunities.
  • COMMIT 10% of net profit from our business to improvement of the spiritual, mental and physical state of society through our direct involvement in several charitable causes.

Why did we decide to focus on Natural Health Products?

There are many people around the world reducing their bad fat intake, avoiding heavily processed foods, dropping refined sugar, exercising regularly and generally following healthy suggestions. However, they are also no strangers to serious illnesses. Why does this happen?

Everything that is either consumed or applied to the body finds its way into the blood circulation system and is delivered to all internal organs. We tend to ignore the nasty chemicals surrounding us daily, not to mention our polluted environment, unbalanced diet, impure water, daily stress, and sleepless nights. This “cocktail” may possibly cause irrevocable harm to our wellbeing.

Being all natural, ecoNATIVA and NATIVA products deliver nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants, helping your body to fight against the harmful factors it encounters in everyday life.


10% of net profit goes to charity