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Your Own Health Comes First
Looking after your health is the wisest life investment.

All ecoNATIVA products are made from finest quality, therapeutic grade, natural, pure ingredients.

ecoNATIVA products are a great treat for your body; they are full of nutrients that help improve your health on a daily basis.

ecoNATIVA products have a positive impact on air, water and soil purity during their production, use and disposal.

All ecoNATIVA formulations were originally developed for the personal needs of the inventor and have been highly successful since then.

ecoNATIVA products are a perfect synthesis of nature and science. They are the outcome of years of testing and experience.

ecoNATIVA products are made by a New Zealand company and we support New Zealand communities by pledging 10% of our net profit to local charities.

Made From The Finest Natural Ingredients

Have you ever considered nature as a massive laboratory, containing everything we need to care for human health? Science has made great progress in the study of the properties of herbs and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Just stop for a moment and feel the power of nature!

10% of net profit goes to charity